Understand Women: Win the Heart of One

A Comprehensive Guide for Men

by Mike Curtis

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Nonfiction > Family & Relationships > Dating

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Dating, Relationships, Sex, Flirting, Love, Attraction, Manliness

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Understand Women: Win the Heart of One is the definitive training manual for men of all ages providing an easy-to-follow blueprint for understanding women, approaching women, picking up women and dating women. My book also teaches you the often overlooked and invaluable skills needed for a happy and worry-free relationship with one very special woman.

Apply what I teach in my book, and you’ll become that man. You’ll become that man who understands women and how feminine attraction works. You’ll become that man who easily attracts women and who gets women to pursue you. Women will be drawn to you not because of your looks or the size of your bank account, but for who you are and the amazing way in which you effortlessly engage their emotions. Most importantly, you’ll become the purposeful man you were born to be.

Buy, read and apply what I teach in my book and take your rightful place among that rare breed of men who understand women and the mysteries of feminine attraction.

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