A Young Adult Murder Mystery


By Francis Moss

Seventeen-year-old Deborah Sokolov’s life has suddenly turned dark. Her grandparents, the people she loved and who raised her, have been savagely murdered. She knows that the man who confessed to the killings is lying, his lies bought and paid for. She drops out of school, taking drugs and alcohol to cover up her pain. Passed out on the street, she’s rescued by a man who helps her become She-Wolf. Deborah’s life is in escalating danger as she gets closer to finding her grandparents’ killer. “A she-wolf doesn’t run,” Deborah thinks, “she hunts.”



“She-Wolf is a gut-punch of a thriller. Complex characters caught up in a story of survival, revenge, and family. Not for the faint of heart!”
- Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin and V-Wars.

“This story really captured my imagination. I found myself turning page after page. The author clearly did extensive research in the culture, language, and location of the story. He did something that is the hallmark of great writing. He made the reader care deeply about the main character.”
- Advance Reader


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