30 Weeks 1 Day

A Memoir of Strength, Survival and Mental Health


by Diana Nicholls

For as long as she could remember, Diana would choose one song – any song – to play on repeat while she ran. In this meditative rhythm, nothing could stop her, not even the pain of a chronic condition. Diana would later draw on this strength to get through one of the biggest marathons of her life. A time when – supported by her husband and a team of obstetricians, surgeons, neonatal intensive care unit nurses and a psychiatrist – she’d learn the true weight of the phrase ‘day by day’ as she watches her babies fight to survive. 30 Weeks 1 Day is the inspiring story of a mother realizing just how strong she can be, even when she thinks she has nothing left to give.

"I’d never considered the risks that can come with pregnancy, and I never thought I’d be knee deep in one."

When Diana Nicolls was ten weeks pregnant, she found out she had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome - a rare pregnancy where twins share one placenta and a network of blood vessels.⁣ Her complicated pregnancy took a huge toll on her mentally and physically, and the grief and anxiety still lingers three years later.

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